Paula's skill as a Reflexologist and CranioSacral Therapists are incredible. She is a focused listener who is practiced at helping me isolate issues or parts of my body that need attention. Paula's ability to help me make connections about how issues may be manifesting in my body that come from situations/ things I encounter in living my daily life is reassuring. I see Paula every 2 weeks for a session and whether I'm coming in with something specific to work on or just need grounding, opening and increased awareness - I always leave feeling amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Cynthia

Paula is AWESOME! She is an extremely sweet, caring, nurturing person and I feel healed just being in her presence. I  have found reflexology and craniosacral sessions with Paula to be extremely beneficial.  I personally feel I am in better balance and more alive after Paula has worked her magic and give her my highest recommendations.  Karen


Paula is very professional, calming and caring. She has helped me physically and emotionally through reflexology and craniosacral therapy. Paula takes her time and listens carefully to what is going on with me.  I have noticed drastic improvement in my moods. Paula has shown me things I can do at home to help myself and they work. Thank you Paula!  Marianne


I am currently a client of Paula's at Undo Reflexology. I suffer with chronic pain due to ruptured disk in my lower back and vertebrae problems in my neck. I get severe headaches and I can get in to see Paula and she will do the cranial technique on me and completely take the headache away.  The reflexology really helps my stress and back pain. It is obvious that Paula truly cares about her clients. She listens to your concerns and you know you are in safe hands.  She has really helped me. Kimberly

Thank you, Paula for a wonderful experience. You are such a positive person and a joy to be around. Carolee


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